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Top Questions Our Cleveland Wedding DJs get asked before booking with us…

(part of a 4 part series)

Top Questions our Cleveland Ohio Wedding DJ's are asked..


1. How long have you been providing wedding DJ entertainment in the Cleveland Ohio area?

We have been providing DJ entertainment in the Cleveland area since 1987. In 1999, we decided to go full time in wedding entertainment. We have actually logged over 6000 successful wedding receptions.

2. What do you do if your DJ gets sick before my wedding?

We have this covered! If your wedding DJ gets sick, gets in a car accident or even has an emergency, we have staff every single weekend that is always on call at a moments notice to ensure that your reception gets coverage NO MATTER WHAT. We arrive 2 hours before your reception to ensure extra time to work with any emergencies that arise.

3. Do your DJ’s drink at wedding receptions?

We actually get this question quite a bit… The answer is a resounding YES…. Our DJ’s need to stay hydrated so if you see them with a water, soda or coffee, don’t be upset with us..LOL… We save any drinking alcohol for the after party when we are usually invited. Our “buzz” is when the dance floor is packed.

4. Does your wedding DJ take requests?

We absolutely encourage your DJ to take requests at your reception. Because we are meeting with you early in the planning process, we already know what you want and don’t want. With that being said, we filter the requests according to the vibe you are trying to achieve.

5. Do you work with my other vendors so everyone is working together?

Without question, part of the success of your reception will be how well your DJ from Selective Sound Entertainment organizes the reception and works closely with all of your other vendors to make sure they are in the right place at the right time and are fully aware of every single formality during the evening.

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