Uplighting Will Be Your Wow Factor

Elegant Events at Signature of Solon

Every wedding is special in its own way, but when it came to the Fillcorn wedding, originality was a huge factor to set theirs apart.

We met the bride and groom onsite at Signature of Solon to go over floor plans and create a completely organic feel.  The florist met with us to have the right flowers that would really be accentuated by SSE lighting.  Our wedding uplighting designers immediately went to work. We started in the lobby to see what we could do that would be simple, but elegant. We ended up taking two, super high intensity LED wash lights and set them to a deep amber color. Placing these along three story pillars and adding a custom monogram created an original lighting effect on the wooden section below the stairs.

We added a few more LED uplight fixtures to enhance the brick and really create a beautiful contrast. Going up the stairs we lit the walls in the pre-dinner area. We had a challenge to light up a crystal tree. By adding four high-intensity LED uplights in white, we made the tree glimmer with an incredible reflecting hue.

The ballroom is where the fun really started to skyrocket. We closed the shades, and added another sixty uplights to the ballroom. We spread them evenly through out the room and added a splash light to the ceiling for intensity. The whole ballroom was draped in a lavender/purple lighting scheme to match the wedding colors.  We built a 32-foot white wall of crushed drape behind the head table to hide any contrasting facades in the area. Above the table was a custom monogram lighting effect that was the staple of Katie and Phil’s wedding.  The florist had tables with white linen and water fixtures with candles to match the head table.

When it was time for the cake to arrive we used a pin-spotting light to make it the focus of the room.  The table centerpieces ranged from tall flowered pieces to calla lilies that were hung upside down. Our lighting designers know how to take any unique idea and make it pop. The calla lilies played beautifully into this setting.

If you thought this was a lot, we weren’t done yet! We provided LED lighting for the ice sculptures as well as the crossbows at the wedding. We should probably mention the groom’s family owns and operates the largest crossbow manufacturing company in the country.

The wedding was certainly amazing and when it comes to working at Signature of Solon we couldn’t ask for a better ally. Thanks to Elegant Events by Maria for bringing us along. To find out more about our wedding services like lighting and monograms, visit our website – SelectiveSound.com

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