Cleveland Ohio wedding videography

We have heard this many times: "I wish we could have seen how happy everyone was at our wedding!"

With all the detailed planning that goes into your wedding ceremony and reception, it's amazing how fast the day will go for you. On top of that, with all the guests at your event, you can only be in one place at a time. There's just no way to be able to enjoy the fruits of all your hard work without Videography.

Want to capture your wedding on video? Check out our availability:


We offer three different Videography Packages:

Traditional Videography

Looking just to capture that special day without breaking the bank?  This is a package that captures the day and is put onto either an SD DVD format or digital files for your enjoyment.   All footage taken with standard digital commercial grade video cameras.

Highlight videography

This is the newest trend in wedding video.  Utilizing an array of high definition camera angles through the day, we put together a short hi-lite only video.  Usually 4-6 minutes in length, we will hi-lite all of the best moments of your wedding and make it into a short music video.

High Definition Videography

Shot with the latest in real SLR camera technology.  Using sliders, body packs, special fixtures and lenses, this allows our team of videographers to capture amazing footage that you would see on a TLC wedding show.  All of these packages come with dual camera techs, all day coverage, a short hi-lite reel and a full length edit.

Check out some of our amazing demo Videography footage: