Cleveland wedding lighting tips given by pictured SSE owner, Jay R.

For this vlog, we interviewed Selective Sound Entertainment Founder, Jay R Rich. This time we asked him for wedding lighting tips that could help Cleveland couples sort out their expectations from reality. In this video that’s just over 5 minutes long, there are actually 18 wedding lighting tips. His insights touch upon the initial search for wedding lighting, terminology, and what lighting can impact during a reception.

So many questions…These wedding lighting tips will make things easier for you

One of the biggest takeaways is how to explain what you are looking for in lighting to a professional. Unlike catering, you’ve likely never ordered wedding design before. Therefore, chances are  you may not get what you actually want. First, you have to understand that a professional lighting designer has spent years interpreting the requests of their clients. The lighting designer is prepared to ask the right questions to get to an understanding. Things you need to determine beforehand are budget, what areas of the room and activities are most important to you, and how you want your guests to feel during the reception. Coming to a meeting with these things already figured out is one of Jay R’s best wedding lighting tips.

There are questions you should be asking as well to get the most from the planning process. Pinterest Boards are great for helping you decide the colors you plan to be using in your wedding. If you have one make sure to share that with your lighting designer. Speaking of decor, talk to the lighting professional about options before you sign contracts for decor. Lighting has a powerful effect on the overall look of a room that can often eclipse that of decor. This makes it a really budget-friendly decision. Not that it’s lighting or decor – lighting can also enhance the decor decisions you do make which means you should be coordinating your ideas before you commit.

This Vlog is full of really straight forward wedding planning tips like these that will ensure you make the best possible decisions.

Some of the highlights:

  • Where to start your lighting planning
  • Areas of a room impacted by lighting the most
  • Getting the most lighting impact for your budget
  • How lighting can help you save money
  • How the right lighting choices can impact guests’ emotions
  • and more!

Watch the above video (or click here) to learn Jay R’s most valuable wedding lighting tips so you can make the best choices for your big day.


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