Bridge and groom first dance in warm wedding event lighting at Tudor Arms hotel.

Cleveland Wedding Event Lighting Pros on Uplighting

This week we found Jay R setting up our lighting demonstration room. We asked him if he could explain some wedding event lighting options while we film him since he was already there. He was currently working with uplights and was happy to oblige. Since we previously blogged about how not all uplights are built the same, we thought this would be perfect. We thought we would take the opportunity to explain a little further so you could have a better understanding.

As a wedding professional in Northeast Ohio for over 20 years, Jay R has seen and done it ALL! In this video, Jay R is going to show you the three most popular lights used for wedding reception uplighting so you can see the difference.  Watch below so you have a better understanding of the types of lights used for wedding venue uplighting for receptions.

Hopefully after watching this, you now understand that when it comes to lighting venues appropriately not just any old light will do. At Selective Sound Entertainment we pride ourselves on being the best therefore we will always provide the best. If you would like to learn what SSE can do for your event lighting needs please contact us. As always, we are more than happy to help!

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