Wedding reception with multiple wedding lighting options

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We had an event this past weekend that was beyond beautiful. The couple originally came to us just for our MC/DJ entertainment. We’ve been in the wedding entertainment business in Northeast Ohio for over 20 years so the word is out! What made this meeting different is that the clients did not know we also offer quite a few wedding lighting options for receptions. The problem was, they never budgeted for event lighting. They really never took it into consideration.

They did, however, fall in love with the photos of events we have produced as well as our lighting demonstration room. Once they saw what was possible with our wedding lighting options (uplights, gobo monograms, feature lighting, pin spots, lighting design) they knew they needed it. What makes us true experts is that we never create the same look multiple times. Everything we design is custom to the specific needs of our clients. Lighting was not in the budget for this couple. Therefore, we had a slight challenge.

Wedding Lighting Options with a Limited Budget

Our solution was to create dynamic looks in specific high traffic areas as opposed to spreading out too few lights. An entire venue doesn’t have to be washed in lights. Especially when the budget doesn’t call for it. Instead we can make sure to focus on these key areas:

  • Head Table / Sweetheart Table
  • Dance Floor
  • Cake Table

A strategy we used was to make sure the cake table was on the dance floor before dancing began for the ceremonial cutting of the cake. If you place the cake there with the DJ/MC on one end and the head table or sweetheart table on the other end there are many great possibilities. For instance, the wedding cake can have a dramatic pin spot above it. Next, we can put a gobo monogram behind your head table. All the while still having a very well lit and exciting dance floor setup.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to wedding lighting options. However, we want to make sure you realize that we work with your budgets in a way that makes your reception look as beautiful as you envision. Here are a few examples of what lighting looks that we’ve worked on with our clients.

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