Utilizing a Green Screen Photo Booth at Your Wedding Will be Fun for Everyone!

Take full control of your guests’ experiences and customize a themed photo event with a green screen photo booth.

Our green screen photo booth will transform your photos into something fun and memorable. Not only can you select a background we have to choose from but you can also create your own artwork to fit your theme. Therefore, by using our green screen option you have unlimited possibilities for your photo design. We also have years of experience with creating green screen environments. Due to this, we can easily transfer our technology to our other booth options such as GIF or the video booth.

Selective Sound’s green screen photo booth is, without a doubt, perfect for every guest. Not only is it very entertaining but your guests get to go home with a wonderful memento as well. At SSE we believe in providing amazing entertainment as well as the highest quality. Therefore, all photos are printed with the highest professional quality materials.

Take a look at how Selective Sound’s Green Screen Photo Booth Works:

All of Our Green Screen Packages Include:

  • Unlimited photo sessions with unlimited time
  • Social media sharing!
  • Hi-res double prints and digital photos (check out our top quality vs. the competition!)
  • Customized artwork on your photos- Our designers can create a personalized graphic specifically for you
  • Private Online Photo Gallery with ALL pictures taken at Reception For All Guests to Access the Next Day
  • Host-like Attendant Assisting in Picture Taking and Interacting with Guests
  • Fast Delivery, Install, Breakdown all Included
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