Father daughter dance at Windows on the River.

We are Wedding Professionals with the Best DJ’s and Lighting Design Experts

The most frequently chosen wedding professionals by clients, who choose Windows on the River as their reception venue, is Selective Sound Entertainment. This is because we really understand this impressive venue. We know how to highlight it’s most unique features. That is to say, we understand how to work with the architectural structure. Due to this, we are able create an experience that is truly stunning. As much as our clients love this venue, we may love it even more!

Not only are we often at Windows on the River for lighting production events, but we are easily one of the most popular entertainers to get the privilege to work there. We know the flow of the space, the power options, and most important, we know the staff. As MC’s, it’s also important to be able to coordinate your specific plans with all the wedding professionals at an event. Your event will certainly benefit from our comfort and experience at this venue.

Recently, we premiered a more economical version of our latest entertainment enhancement “Dancing in the Clouds” while at Windows on the River. The effect this had combined with our lighting undeniably impacted the photos taken by Christopher Michael Sanford. With over 20 years of wedding entertainment experience, there are quite a few venues in Northeast Ohio where we are considered experts at delivering elegant event experiences.

In any case, let us know where your reception is hosted. As can be seen, we will create a custom experience just for you.


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