Cocktail Hour Games

As we have said time and time again, no matter what you’re looking for when it comes to entertainment Selective Sound will always have you covered. Not only do they provide you with more ways to keep your guests entertained than anyone else but they have even thought of the cocktail hour games so you don’t have to.

Sometimes there is a lull between the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception. Or maybe you are having a cocktail hour before the reception gets underway and would a little extra something for your guests to do. So many guests come from out of town and they are sure to appreciate some extra entertainment. By providing cocktail hour games they don’t have to go sit at their boring hotel or spend extra money at a restaurant or bar while waiting for the festivities.

Cocktail hour games are honestly one of the hottest trends right now. What makes these games even more fun is that they are games everyone is familiar with. However, these games have a twist. They are all giant sized versions! No matter what age, everyone is sure to have fun with these!

*Available to rent as an add on or separately.

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