Sparkular Indoor Fireworks by Selective Sound Entertainment

The Sparkular indoor fireworks system has the look and effects of Pyrotechnics. However, it is NON-HAZARDOUS and 100% SAFE!


Stunning pictures


WOW Your Guests!

You’ve seen the traditional grand entrance time and time again. But you ask yourself, can it really be called “grand” anymore if it’s been done time and time again ? You want your entrance to stand out, to excite your guests, to be picture perfect…to be GRAND! You need not worry, as Selective Sound has the perfect thing to make this moment stand out. What you need are our Sparkular indoor fireworks! Sparkular indoor fireworks are an exciting way to enhance grand entrances, first dances, and more.

High tech and safe chemical reactions create the Sparkular effects. Unlike traditional gunpowder with pyrotechnics, which has a much shorter blast of 10 seconds, Sparkular indoor fireworks can last for minutes at a time.  The duration, height and timings of the blasts can also be varied to create the special effects you require, and even timed to different sequences according to your event requirements. Even more, these fireworks are so safe that you can run your hand through them!

Take a look at the video demonstration below to see exactly how these work.

  • No safety or exclusion zones necessary as Sparkular produces cold fallout that is perfectly safe!
  • Very little smoke output
  • Sparkular can be used in locations where traditional fireworks and pyrotechnics are not permitted.
  • Safer than traditional pyrotechnics.
  • Sparkular produces up to 15 minutes of effect per powder sachet refill.
  • Super easy cleanup



Unforgettable Entrance!


PLEASE NOTE:  We do NOT sell the cold spark units. We do NOT rent these units without our staff being onsite. In addition we do not travel more than 250 miles to operate them.