A Wedding Socialcast brings Your Reception to a Whole New Level!

Every wedding reception has wedding guests taking multiple pictures and posting them on some type of social media. Why not integrate this with your wedding reception and have them utilize a custom hashtag of your wedding day and see the fun photos right away?  Having your very own wedding Socialcast is the answer and here is how we make it happen!

At Selective Sound we utilize Socialcast so that you can have a fun and modern aspect to your wedding reception. As your guests take pictures during the night they can upload them with your unique hashtag. We’ll have a big screen where you and your guests can watch each photo and message live stream throughout the night. There will be many laughs as well as oohs and aahs. Not only is this wedding Socialcast a blast for your guests but you get to see the happy faces of everyone as well.

Most venues have WiFi available that we can use. However, if any problems arise with that have no worries. As always, Selective Sound comes with built-in back up plans. We have our own mobile hotspot that we can tap into. Therefore, no matter what we will always be live streaming your wedding Socialcast during the night. This Socialcast is also moderated so you need not worry about any “no-no” pictures or comments making there way through to the big screen. Our trained moderator will be on standby to approve each photo and/or message that comes through before they go live.

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