High Definition Wedding Videography Package

Our high definition wedding videography package is a fantastic way for you to revisit your wedding day. Whether it’s together, or with loved ones, you will be able to reflect on each special moment that occurred. Not only will our videographers capture the love, laughter and tears that you may have missed during the busy day, but they will be discrete doing it. Therefore, everything will be as authentic as possible and you won’t have people “acting” for the cameras.

Each video we make is unique and reflects the characteristics of each couple. We will meet with you prior to your wedding to go over the specifics of your big day. By doing so, this will provide our videographers the opportunity to gather details needed in advance to capture each special moment. Your wedding video will be a fun way for you to show your children and grandchildren your special day. Therefore, we want to make sure it’s just perfect.

This package includes 2 experienced camera technicians. Each technician will shoot with state-of-the-art HD video cameras, and the final product is delivered in either blu ray or digital files.

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Samples of our HD Wedding Videos: