Why taking requests at your wedding reception is a must….

Should I let me DJ take requests at my wedding?

Please don't take requests at my wedding?

Which answer is technically correct?

Answer: YES.. IF and only IF your Cleveland wedding DJ has the talent and experience to know how to handle and FILTER requests properly!

Allowing your DJ to take requests allows them to feed off of your guests and get a better feel for what the guests are into. You may get some that request some fun dance music from when the Bride and her sorority sisters went on spring break.. Maybe you will get some of the groomsmen to request some old school music from when the groom used to break dance too! This will better help you understand the guests and what they may react to.  Even if they request music that isn't so danceable, your DJ should be able to feed off of that and it will give them better ideas for other music choices.







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