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  • At Selective Sound, quality is our #1 goal. With over 27 years of experience at more than 6,000 wedding receptions, the entertainment is customized to meet your needs. Your ideas and feelings are listened to very carefully!Welcome to Selective Sound!


    The entertainment for your wedding reception is one of the most important decisions you will make. 10 Years from now, your family and friends might not remember what they ate at your wedding reception, but they will recall Old Uncle Jack dancing the night away with your family and friends.

    About Our Cleveland Wedding DJs

    A qualified and professional Cleveland Wedding DJs will enhance the experience of your wedding reception while remaining in the background, keeping the focus where it needs to be… On You!

    Our Cleveland Ohio Wedding DJs and MCs love what they do and it shows! Their enthusiasm is contagious. Our entertainers are skilled in interacting with guests and tastefully involving them in the fun.

    We are dedicated to provide you with a level of entertainment beyond your every expectation.

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  • Chills, Thrills, and Mark Wills

    Here at Selective Sound Entertainment, we are no strangers to big, extravagant events; including weddings! But when one of our grooms came to us with a “bigger than Texas”surprise for his soon to be wife, we knew we had to help him! After initially connecting with the groom, Brad Hewitt, through A Taste of Excellence, he informed us that he wanted to surprise is fiancé with a performance from her favorite country singer, Mark Wills. The surprise was to all happen at the Cleveland Courthouse, where their wedding reception was held. We knew we had to not only help him pull this off, but make it a unique and personalized surprise for the couple of their special day. Once Mark Wills was secured for the event, the fun really began. Along with Selective Sound Entertainment, Brad was also working with event planner extraordinaire, Maria Kovacevich, Elegant Events by Maria. The Set Up After meeting several times with Brad and Maria, we decided on a plan. We were to have the MC/DJ set up and the instruments and band hidden during the entire ceremony and at the beginning of the reception. This was so that the bride and none of her guests would know what was going on. We did this with white panels that would be taken down right before Mark and his acoustic piano mate came in. Now It’s the Bride’s Turn The groom wasn’t the only one that wanted to surprise his new partner in life. The bride, Model, Melissa Baker, had a surprise up her sleeve as well. We worked on some videos of Melissa and Brad growing up as a surprise. We added two 70’’ LCD monitors so everyone could enjoy the show. A fun little addition the bride wanted was to use socialcast, which is live hashtag posts that show up on screens from everyone they knew, whether they were at the wedding or not.   3 Different Itineraries Because the groom had a surprise for the bride and the bride had a surprise for the groom, we had to have three separate itineraries. One for the bride, one for the groom, and the real one for all the venders to follow to make sure everything went off without a hitch. Selective Sound Entertainment, we had to be super secretive since we went into multiple meetings and couldn’t hint anything to either of them. Show Time We did sound check with Mark right before the reception. This was also tricky because we had to hide Mark from the bridal party and bride, who were walking around the venue for ...
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    Worried About the Acoustics at Your Wedding? Here’s Our Advice.

    Its’s finally here:  Your wedding day! So far everyone has made it to the ceremony on time, pictures are turning out great, and the cake was more beautiful than you could have imagined it. Then, its time for your Grand introductions, followed by your father giving a heartfelt welcome to his only daughter and then your lifelong friend and Maid of honor giving her toast.  The problem… You could barely understand the introductions (your guests as well) and a lot of your guests couldn’t hear what your dad was saying or your sister… How could this have happened? Photo: Making The Moment Photography Brides and grooms spend so much time thinking about and planning their big day, but with some of the venues they choose, did they really give enough thought to making sure that the entertainment they chose for the big day had the proper equipment to handle the sound at the space they chose? The sound at your event could end up being too quiet, muffled or even too loud, causing guests to feel uncomfortable and want to leave early. To make sure the sound doesn’t ruin your big day, take these steps to ensure the acoustics don’t take away from, but enhance your wedding day. Types of buildings that are more difficult to achieve clear acoustics Traditionally, buildings constructed before the 1930’s, that were usually constructed of marble and stone, are designed more to carry voices. Because of this, music tends to have an echo effect because the sound waves are bouncing around erratically.  If your entertainers do not know the correct way to balance the sound or place the speakers, this could be a recipe for a long night for your guests. Great examples of venues with challenging accoustics: The Cleveland Courthouse and The Cleveland City Hall Rotunda.    Other challenging venue sites include: barns, outdoor spaces, and non-traditional wedding reception sites. It’s extremely important to make sure you have hired the right people and they have the right equipment on hand so that people aren’t struggling to hear sound clearly. How to improving the acoustics at a wedding or event The best option for making sure your reception has the best sound possible, would be to meet with several different vendors to discuss your concerns.  In this industry, you may get plenty of vendors that tell you that they know what they are doing and they have played at these venues many times before, however don’t just take that ...
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    Some great officiants we just met.

    Clients are always asking us who the recommend for officiants.  The below are a few names that we refer.   Why do we refer them... simple...because they have the talent and experience to deliver what YOU the client want and expect.       ...
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    A room transformation in less than 20 hours

    Check out our latest lighting design at Executive Caterers @ Landerhaven.  The amazing drapery was from Party Decor and none of this would be possible without the amazing planner from Elegant Events by Maria With less than 20 total hours to transform the Grand Ballroom at Landerhaven.. this masterpieces was just breathtaking.  Selective Sound Entertainment & Lightscaping really took this one to the next level.  As one of Clevelands "top wedding lighting design firms" they truly know how to put the WOW into wow factor.   ...
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    This bride thought her first dance was ruined… you won’t believe what happened next:

    This bride thought her first dance was ruined… you won’t believe what happened next:

    The Story ON a late fall day in 2015, we had a meeting with a groom who had alot of unique ideas, however his bride to be, only knew about a few of them. He wanted us to plan a wedding knowing there would be a surprise for the bride that we had to keep this a secret. The groom had retained the services of Mark Wills, who was a multi platinum selling country artist. Mark Wills was the brides favorite artist and their first dance would include one of his tracks. During this entire process there would have to be three timelines as the bride also had surprises for the groom. One timeline for the bride, one for the groom and one that neither of them could see, as it had all of the surprises together. The Surprise: Our original plan was to start the first dance song and have Mark sneak up and start singing the lyrics, however we thought it would be a better idea if we pretended their was a technical error in the song itself. We also talked about doing the dropping of the drape like they did in the Maroon 5 Sugar video, however we didn't want to draw attention to the stage. It was indeed extremely difficult to conceal the stage, as we had to use 6 white facades to cover up the keyboard and sound equipment. The bride herself was upset when we came up to her (planned of course) and changed up the agenda with the formalities. We had to sneak Mark Wills into the courthouse itself where the reception was held. In summary this wedding was an incredible amount of work, however Brad and Melissa were well worth it! We thank them so very much for letting Selective Sound and Maria from Elegant Events be trusted to put on such an incredible surprise and reception ...
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