Be Selective With Your Wedding Entertainment

Your wedding reception will be a success when you hire Selective Sound. Our professionally trained DJs and MCs have over 20 years experience at more than 4,000 wedding receptions. We always dress professionally. Your music selections will be played at a comfortable and controlled level to allow your guests to enjoy the wedding reception. We always arrive an hour early to make sure the party is ready to start when your guests arrive.

Your wedding reception should reflect your personality and preferences. Your DJ/MC will meet with you to plan, customize, and coordinate all the details, including the songs that you do and don’t want to hear. We have the music you want with over 80,000 songs to choose from. Spectacular, tasteful light shows are included but optional to enhance your wedding reception. We can even coordinate an audio/visual presentation.

You can be certain that you will get top quality service with Selective Sound. There are no hidden costs with state and local taxes included in the price you are quoted. We have additional DJs and back-up equipment to cover your wedding reception. Selective Sound is fully insured and we even offer a money back guarantee. You and your guests will be completely satisfied.
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