Man looking bored at holiday office party

 Don’t Skimp On The Spirit This Year!

We’ve been around awhile and we think there are many misunderstandings around having a holiday party. That said, we understand your hesitation when considering to plan early, enhance what you’ve always done, or even host one in the first place. There’s great anxiety surrounding the holidays for many businesses and this might feel like one you can avoid. Well, we’re here to offer you a different perspective so you can fully realize what a holiday party could do for your team.

“We Don’t Need a Holiday Party”

Office chair with balloons tied to it at Cleveland holiday party

Balloons are nice but music and a DJ is much more fun!

Prior to 2008, it was a given that businesses had holiday parties. The common belief was that canceling the party would send a negative message to your team. Then the economy tanked and HR had a decision to make: lay off an employee(s) or have a party…which was worse for morale? Ten years later, the economy has rebounded and many people in HR subscribe to the idea we are in “The War For Talent“, meaning it’s never been harder to find and retain vital team members.

Now, couple that with millennials craving experiences over tangible things. Their higher likelihood to switch jobs if not emotionally fulfilled and the emphasis on culture being at the forefront of many talent acquisition strategies…holiday parties make a lot more sense. Your HR budget is always better spent on retention of good talent than searching for new hires and capping the year off with a Christmas party that celebrates your victories should be part of that puzzle.


“Planning a Holiday Party is Too Stressful”

Man stressed because he waited until the last minute to plan his Cleveland holiday party

Don’t wait until the last minute to plan your party!

Actually, we totally understand this one! We have a holiday party for our staff along with our sister companies.  It is a lot more work than anyone will give you credit for. Our stress comes from the same place our clients’s stress is based – last minute planning.

For us, we know we have the important things like entertainment, a venue, and the organizational items at hand. Therefore, we don’t prepare as far as any other business should. Things like picking up the ice, coordinating with catering, etc. always sneak up on us! For your business, having to meet with and vet service providers makes it much more difficult. Our advice? Plan early and use professionals who have years of experience…making them very dependable.

Instead of cold sweats from thinking about planning your office party immediately after you’ve eaten your turkey dinner, plan ahead! The summer is the perfect time to hire the essential people for Christmas. This way, you’ll get the chance to work with better people before they book up.  You will also be able to take your time with other details you know will crop up.

“We Just Need a Basic Office Party”

Picture of lady stressed out about party planning

Holiday party planning in CLeveland doesn’t have to be stressful. Pick up the phone and let us help!

For many, holiday office parties are chips, eggnog, and a Christmas tree. That’s enough, right? Well, if you’re looking to break down barriers between departments, create lasting positive memories between your company and team members you’ll need more than snacks! Holiday parties are a fantastic way to let your valued employees blow off steam and have fun for a change. A lot has been said lately about the inclusion of alcohol at company events and it makes sense. In an increasingly litigious and post #MeToo era, using alcohol as a shortcut to team building and fun isn’t the best idea.

We offer game shows (because gaming culture has never been more prevalent), inclusive entertainment, and even photo opportunities and videography options.  These things make the positive memories created at a holiday party a lasting effect. Bottom line, we have options to make your party everything you need it to be. You don’t pay minimum wage…why are you planning a minimum holiday party?


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