We know Exactly how to make your Barn Wedding Lighting Perfect!

Barns tend to not have a great deal of light inside. Therefore, you’re definitely going to need some help. Thankfully, SSE has everything to cover all of your barn wedding lighting needs. From old school bistro lighting to chandeliers and uplighting, we have it all. Our highly skilled lighting technicians promise not to diminish the rustic feel you fell in love with, but instead, will enhance your barn wedding.

To achieve the perfect look we will do a site survey if it’s a barn we haven’t been to yet. By doing this we will be able to see exactly what the power situation is like and let you know how we need to proceed. Even if there aren’t enough power sources to achieve your vision, you need not worry. Due to our lighting technicians being able to bring in whisper quiet generators, we will still be able to achieve the barn wedding lighting you were imagining.

Unique lighting design at Mapleside Farms

Creating the Perfect Barn Wedding Lighting No Matter What Your Style

As can be seen from our pictures, we can keep the barn wedding lighting simple to keep the rustic look you love. For example, we could add bistro lighting throughout. With this technique we can achieve the perfect glow inside. Not only do these light give a warm glow but they also keep the natural appeal of the barn itself.

If you love the rustic feel of a barn but still want elegant details, SSE has everything you need. Custom drapery from the ceiling, clusters of chandeliers as well as uplighting throughout. We could also add pin spotting to highlight your cake and shine your personalized monogram on the barn floor. We can add all of it to give you the entire elegant barn wedding. Or, by all means, you can pick and choose the barn wedding lighting that’s best for you. In any case, Selective Sound Entertainment is ready to customize your barn lighting.

Contact a lighting specialist today so we can get started on making your dream barn wedding come true!

Maid of honor giving toast in barn
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White barn with custom monogram on roof and bistro lighting outside