Feature Spotlighting Illuminates those Special Moments!

Feature spotlighting is an essential add-on to your lighting packages because it flows perfectly with all of our other techniques. With our spotlighting technique, Selective Sound is able to enhance every special moment during your wedding reception. It adds that extra element to ensure those bigger moments don’t get missed by anyone.

Bridge and groom first dance in warm wedding event lighting at Tudor Arms hotel.

The grand entrance is the “kick-off” to your reception. Some venues are very large. Therefore, some of your guests may have a difficult time realizing exactly where you’re entering at. Instead of having those guests feeling lost why not add feature spotlighting to the moment? With this, your guests will undoubtedly have all eyes are on you, just as they should be!

Your first dance is sentimental and will never be forgotten. Because of this, your photographer and videographer will be capturing the entire thing. Let’s add feature spotlighting to this to make sure every picture is perfect and a little more special than every other picture.

Not only are spotlights great for the above mentioned but many other special moments as well. From the best man’s speech and cutting of the cake to the daddy-daughter dance and garter removal. There are so many moments where feature spotlighting can truly make a difference.

With Selective Sound, your spotlights will also be controlled by a highly trained lighting technician. In fact, they are masters of being able to combine the spotlights with your other lighting options. Therefore, our technicians are sure to illuminate all of those most memorable moments.

Father of the bride gives toast under feature spotlight
Beautiful wedding cake enhanced with pin spotting
Feature spotlighting makes this couples first dance picture perfect
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