Pattern Wedding Lighting Transforms any Space

Looking to turn an old scratched up dance floor into an amazing pattern of designs? Want to bring nature inside and showcase trees to give your indoor ceremony a bit more of an outdoor feel? Whether you’re looking to spice up some blank walls or transform the dance floor at your venue, Selective Sound has you covered. Pattern wedding lighting might be specifically what you’re looking for!

As can be seen, pattern wedding lighting is perfect for just about any venue. Not only is this lighting technique great for indoor venues but it is also great for outdoor venues.  When using this technique inside, we can transform bare walls into beautiful pieces of art. Your winter wedding becomes truly apparent as your guests dance upon glowing snowflakes. And when outside, your tent ceiling is no longer just a piece of plastic hanging from above but a gorgeous pattern of color matching your wedding theme. The old barn floor is no longer scratched up but now an illuminated pattern of leaves.

Now that you can envision your venue with pattern wedding lighting, contact our lighting designers now so we can start planning together. Selective Sound Entertainment offers an array of stock gobos and pattern designs to choose from. Therefore, we are positive we can help create the look you want to achieve.

pattern wedding lighting covers old dance floor
Outside of Union Club

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