Pin spotting by Selective Sound Entertainment

Your wedding cake is going to be absolutely gorgeous. Your centerpieces are beyond beautiful. You splurged on a one-of-a-kind ice sculpture as well as a gourmet chocolate fountain. So how do you make sure these things don’t go unnoticed? Pin Spotting!

Wedding cake shown in this before and after photo of pin spotting technique
Beautiful wedding cake enhanced with pin spotting
Before and after picture of flowers with pin spotting technique

The lights are typically dimmed around the room at wedding receptions to give an intimate feel. Because of this, you end up losing quite a bit of light in the middle and corners of the room. Pin spotting is undeniably the perfect way to highlight all of those things that get “lost”. If your spending a lot of money on centerpieces, you won’t want them to go unnoticed. Pin spotting will also point your guests in the right direction if your bar is tucked away in a corner. Not only does this technique bring attention to these things but it also gives your event that “wow” factor.

Selective Sound Entertainment is ready to help you highlight the special things at your venue so that they don’t get lost in the shadows. Contact us right away so our lighting designers can start customizing a plan just for you!

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