No one missed this special moment thanks to having SSE setting up wedding ceremony sound
Wedding ceremony sound is completely hidden at this outdoor wedding ceremony

Wedding Ceremony Sound

Wedding Ceremony Sound by Selective Sound Entertainment

Is there anything more disappointing than going to a wedding where you can’t hear anything?  Surprisingly, this happens more than you would expect. Most people find ceremonies to be uneventful simply because they can’t hear anything.  Make sure your guests don’t end up feeling like this. Your loved ones are there because they truly want to share in your special day.

Let Selective Sound take care of your wedding ceremony sound needs. This way your guests can happily participate in every special moment. From podium style microphones for readings, to hidden wireless lapel mics, we have you covered. Selective Sound Entertainment, Cleveland’s best in sound tech, can help you pick the perfect option for your venue.

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NOTE: Wedding Ceremony Sound can be added to any additional package or purchased separately.

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Man giving speech on wireless mic
Bride, groom and officiant at ceremony using hidden lapel mics for wedding ceremony sound