CO2 Cryoblasts will Make Your Grand Entrance Beyond Memorable!

Looking for an introduction as husband and wife that will be memorable for years to come? Selective Sound has the perfect thing! Our CO2 Cryoblasts raise the level of excitement instantly! Without a doubt, you will feel and look like a superstar during your grand entrance.

Our CO2 cryoblasts utilize liquid nitrogen and are perfectly safe. Therefore, this wedding trend can be used at any venue. This is a product that uses CO2 or nitrogen to cryogenically create “frozen fog”. Not only does it dissipate in less than 2 seconds but it won’t react like smoke either. Therefore, you get all the “wow” without any danger.

Our CO2 cryoblasts really pop in well-lit rooms. A popular way to use this equipment is to have the cryo jets shooting up in short controlled bursts when you walk in for your introduction. Then, later in the night, you can use our cryo gun. With this, you can shoot your guests resulting in an unexpected rise from everyone! The cryo guns blast compressed air that dissipates instantly and gives them a “woosh” of cold compressed air (often readily appreciated when the dance floor is packed). This will undoubtedly keep your guests talking about how much fun they had at your reception.

We can also move the cryo-jets to your dance floor after your grand entrance is done. And don’t worry, we are always discrete. Due to being lighting experts, we can also add colored lights to give an even more exciting feel. Not only will you add some unexpected energy but also captivate the attention of everyone at your wedding reception!

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 Some of Our Past Couples Utilizing CO2 Cryoblasts:

Superstar Entrance!

Amazing Photos!

Shock & Awe Your Guests