Wedding Video Projection

Want to show some pictures or do a concept video during dinner at your reception? Maybe you’re having a New Year’s Eve reception and want to watch the big ball drop with your guests. Adding a Socialcast so you and your guests can see their posts and pictures all night long is also unique and fun. No matter what you’re looking to do, we have just the right video projection equipment to meet your needs!

Product:                                     Size:

LED Panels/Monitors                 43″ up to 70″

High-lumen Projectors               5×7 up to 15 x 20

Wedding display screens like this projection screen can be used to view photos of the bride and groom.
wedding social cast on screen at reception
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Our equipment is of the highest quality and will never be found to be “out-dated”.

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Wedding guests on dance floor with wedding display screens in top corner