Wedding Drapery Backdrops

Wedding drapery brings warmth and elegance to any venue. It can also make a simpler venue feel more upscale and luxurious.  Not only does drapery add an intimate feeling but it can also hide things that you would rather not have your guests see. Whether it be an unappealing wall, an entrance into a kitchen or bathroom area, drapery can hide it all. In any case, wedding drapery is simply magical!

Perhaps you’re looking to enhance your head table. By all means, utilizing a drapery backdrop will make your head table look romantic, elegant and command attention in the room. Therefore, your head table becomes the focus of attention just as it should.

Selective Sound also has another fantastic way to add drapery to your venue. This drapery technique is known as pipe and drape. With pipe and drape, we are certainly able to add wedding drapery in more creative ways, more areas and without having to attach anything to any part of the venues structure. Therefore, no matter what venue you choose there will always be a way for us to add drapery!

As seen below, when it comes to wedding drapery the Selective Sound team are true professionals.

We offer drapery in the following colors:

  • Black
  • Crushed White
  • Gold
  • Dual Colors
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
Interested in adding Drapery Backdrops to your wedding? Check our Availability: