Nothing will shine more than the happy couple, but if you’re getting hitched under a high top, your wedding tent will also need some sparkle! 

Wedding lighting serves two very important functions:

  1. Sets the mood on your big day
  2. Showcases the decor you’ve spent months curating

That’s why it is vital to choose the perfect lighting to complement your tented celebrations.

But how do you know what lighting will go best in your wedding tent?

Below are a few important considerations to walk through that will help take your tent from bare and basic to glowing and glamorous!

Questions To Ask About Your Wedding Tent

  1. How do your vendors access the tent?
    The type of vehicles that can be brought to the tent may affect what types of lighting can be brought to your location. If only a small van can reach your tent, then your lighting options will likely be limited.
  2. How much power is being run to the tent?
    Your lighting designers need to know how much power is available at your event location and where it’s coming from. Chances are they can bring in generators if there is not enough power available, depending on the tent’s location.
  3. What is the size and style of the tent?
    This will affect how much lighting you can bring in and the type of lighting you need or may want to illuminate the space. Your lighting designer will need to know this to accurately plan how to rig any lights to the tent ceiling.
  4. Will there be a tent liner, drapery, tent walls, or included lighting?
    If the answer is yes, this opens up the opportunity to add more lighting, such as washes and uplights.


Design Tips For Wedding Tent Lighting

Our wedding lighting designers consider all elements of a couple’s wedding vision—everything from table linens, accent colors, florals, and ceiling washes—when designing a lighting plan so they can also use complementary color accents.

We will ask you questions to help you make the right decision. In the meantime, here are some design tips to consider:

  • Plan for the season – We aren’t just talking bright, pastel colors in the spring and earth tones in the fall. Knowing when sunset occurs and how much natural light you have to work with makes a huge difference in your lighting plan. For example, if you are getting married between June and August, it will be light out until 9 pm or later.
  • Know the limitations of twinkle lights – While popular, twinkle lights are too small to use effectively in most large outdoor wedding tents. Unless you do a ton of them for a starry ceiling effect, they aren’t bright enough to create the sparkly effect you are dreaming of. If your heart is set on these sweet little lights, consider adding them to smaller areas like tables, arches, and centerpieces.
  • Enchant guests with greenery – If you’re looking for a gorgeous way to add a whimsical yet elegant twist to your wedding tent lighting, consider a greenery drop light chandelier. This is achieved by wrapping flora and/or fauna around a well-supported, hanging frame that features hanging Edison pendants.


SSE’s Recommendations for Wedding Tent Lighting

While the type of tent will dictate some of what you can do, your wedding style (and budget) guide the rest.

Our favorite lighting option: a ceiling wash, complemented with string lights and chandeliers for extra drama and texture.

From chandeliers and drapery to uplighting and custom monograms, we have everything to make your vision for wedding tent lighting a reality. Contact us today to schedule your no-obligation design consultation.

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