Whether you want a large, splashy wedding or an intimate, personal affair, these 2024 wedding trends are all about creating an inviting and immersive experience that you and your guests will love!

graphic showing artistic, hanging floral installations at weddings

1. Artistic Floral Installations

You need light. You adore florals and greenery. Combine them to create a breathtaking installation.

Imagine walking into a winter wonderland where dangling bistro lights and delicate white florals simulate the soft twinkling of falling snow. Or perhaps your vibe calls for an overhead garden of colorful wildflowers accented by earthly patterns on the dance floor.

Suspended displays are guaranteed to get a jaw drop from your guests the moment they enter your reception. With the addition of drapery, this stunning combination of color, texture, and movement creates an inviting and immersive experience your guests will love. 

Pro Tip: Strategically place moving lights or “feature lighting” hidden above or amongst the gorgeous canopy. When dinner and speeches end, cue them on, and you can completely shift the mood of the space into an energetic, colorful party.

graphic showing audio guestbook examples for weddings

2. Audio Guestbooks

You walk into a wedding, write your name plus “congratulations!” into the guestbook, and then what? 

Most likely, it ends up in a box and the couple never looks at it again after the wedding.

Try something that’s both modern, retro, and unforgettable - an audio guestbook.

There are a variety of companies that now offer audio recorders built into traditional telephones to digitally capture guest messages. Here are just a few:

  • After the Tone
  • Echo Phone
  • FêteFone
  • At the Beep
  • Flashbulb Memories

Let your guests express themselves in a way that writing can't quite capture. When they’re done, you'll have a sentimental (and probably hilarious) keepsake you can play over and over again.

Pro Tip: As with any audio recording, there is the risk of picking up background noise and music. If you choose to work with us on your wedding, we can help you determine the best place acoustically to put the device. Plus, we can provide drapery and lighting to create a cozy booth-like setup.

graphic showcasing cold spark fireworks at weddings

3. Cold Spark Fireworks 

Did you know there are fireworks that can be used indoors? Yes, really! 

Enhance your wedding photos, grand entrance, first dance, and more with completely safe cold spark technology.

No Worries, Only Memories

We offer a product called Sparkular to safely create a beautiful show without loud noise or heat. The sparks are generated by a simple, environmentally friendly chemical reaction that can be used indoors and out.

So whether your wedding is in a formal ballroom or in a garden, these are an excellent option for you.

Cold fireworks provide major “wow” factor and a dash of magic that will make your wedding unforgettable. Now, that’s one “hot” trend!

graphic showcasing bold lighting design options for weddings

4. Bold Colors & Textures in Lighting

2024 will be all about bold and vibrant color palettes for weddings. 

We're talking about:

  • Vivid corals for eye-catching and dynamic energy
  • Deep purples for a sense of mystery, elegance, and drama
  • Bright yellows for brightness, joyfulness, and warmth
  • Electric blues for high-impact, excitement, and modernity

That is where custom lighting design is a perfect addition. Get the look you want throughout the entire room with a color wash, a general fill of one or two colors, or with gobos, which can create patterns on various surfaces. 

Color & Shape

The addition of a few, strategically placed lights here and there will make your florals, decor, and cake POP! Pair those will color and texture to add even more depth and dimension to your wedding decor - guaranteed to enhance your guests’ sensory experience overall.

Picture this: Your favorite flowers like a huge art installation, projected behind the head table. Or what about stars dancing on the ceiling or tent. We can even cast snowflakes, a custom monogram, or even the face of your beloved dog. 

Any flat surface is fair game, including floors, walls, ceilings, and even the exterior of a building. 

Bold lighting is a popular trend for 2024 because it can utterly transform the ambiance and atmosphere of a space, making it more unique. It's the perfect creative way to make your wedding venue feel both personal and magical.

graphic showcasing LED dance floors and projection mapping for weddings

5. Transformational Tech

For 2024, an unforgettable wedding day is the ultimate goal for most couples. 

One way to create an innovative, memorable, and customized experience is with projection mapping. 

Projection Mapping

Projection mapping uses projectors to create dynamic, visually stunning displays on three-dimensional surfaces. It can transform objects or architectural elements like walls, columns, floors, or even the wedding cake into interactive and immersive visual experiences. 

You can even tell a story. For example, you could project personal videos or photos of your journey as a couple, from your first meeting to the proposal, on a wall at your reception.

Another exciting way to jump on the technology trend for weddings in 2024 is LED dance floors. 

LED Dance Floors

LED dance floors can match any theme, mood, or atmosphere you desire. You can choose the color palette, patterns, and visual effects. They come in many sizes and can be placed on all kinds of surfaces, both indoor and outdoor. 

You can even make them interactive by programing them to respond to changes in the music. The vibrant and changing colors paired with the perfect party entertainment definitely provide a "wow" factor. 

Innovation Requires an Expert

To incorporate projection mapping or LED dance floors into your wedding, you'll need the services of a company experienced in this technology. We can collaborate with you to design and execute the desired visual effects to create a truly memorable wedding experience.

Get Ahead of the Trends

We hope that you’re filled with excitement and ideas for your special day. With the best vendors in your corner, you can plan a wedding that's right on trend and effortlessly yours. 

graphic listing the top 2024 wedding trends

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