The Wedding of Denise and Jeremi Woodruff

Wedding of : Denise La-Riccia and Jeremi Woodruff
Location: Casa Di Borallys
Date: February 20th, 2010
Photographer: Perfect Image Photography

Jeremi and Denise Woodruff What an amazing and fun wedding this turned out to be. I mainly worked with Denise in the planning at the beginning, however when we met with Jeremi and Denise together, Jeremi became very involved. Here is their story.

We arrived at about 4.30pm to set up and as soon as we had our equipment loaded in, I looked up and guests started arriving. We were a little confused, but after about 10 minutes of set up we had some music playing so they had some form of entertainment.  After completing our set up at about 5.10 we sat down with our friends at Casa Di borally and went over the evenings agenda.

The Head tableThe evening was set up to be very unique food service wise. When the wedding reception officially began, they Borally's hand passed their famous pizza for O'deuvre hour.  Dinner, however was going to be a bit unique, because they did Heavy O'Deuvre stations around the room.  There was to be an amazing spread of finger type foods of many different varieties including a Borally's famous  chef carved Beef Tenderloin. These stations were to be set up around the room, to avoid the "buffet" style type dinner.

After the Bridal party arrived we met everyone and lined them up for the grand intro.  We did not seat the guests, because we did not want that type of atmosphere with the O'deuvre stations.

another beautiful cake

The grand introduction was high energy as the bridal party walked into Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne After the introductions we went into the cake cutting with the song Adam Sandlers When I grow old with you Following that, we had 2 Toasts from the Best man and Maid of honor and then into A blessing. We then announced for the guests to visit the O'Deuvre stations at their leisure.

Twards the end of dinner, Borallys cleared the Head table off the dance floor so we could get started right away. Some dancing

First dance was done while guests were still finishing up eating and we went into Denise and Jeremi's first dance together as husband and wife. Their First dance song was Making memories of Us By Keith Urban

We followed that with a Father daughter dance to Heartland I loved her 1st and then to some Kenny Rogers and Through the years for the mother son dance.  After the formal dances we got started right away by inviting all the guest to the dance floor to join them for a slow dance. The entire floor was packed 1st song of the night.

We then went into an array of dance music for all age groups and there was dancing the entire night. This group of guests were incredible and we played everything from the Twist to Bone Thugs and Harmony. Great Couple to work with and play for. They were very energetic and fun the entire night. Borallys was great to work with and they were very accomadating. The Bar is on the 2nd floor in that room, which is a perfect placement in my opinion. Special thanks to Greg and Kathy from the Perfect Image Photography for allowing us to post their amazing work.

Another great wedding in the books. Amazingly enough we are doing the Maid of honors wedding in October as well. She called us and didn't even know we were the DJ's. Here we come Nicole.

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