Bar at a wedding? What NOT to do..

In writing this article, I feel from an entertainment aspect, whether you are hiring a DJ or a Band at a wedding reception, you will need to take this article into account.

This article is completely based on facts and opinions of over 100's of Bands and Dj's.  Being that I have 24 years and over 1500 wedding receptions of experience personally, I think that I have a better outlook than even some wedding coordinators in this business.

When setting the floor plan for your wedding reception, you need to keep this in mind: PLACEMENT of the bar. It is ok to have an outside bar during cocktail hour, but STRONGLY discouraged for the dance portion of your evening, that is unless you don't care about your dancing atmosphere throughout the night.

Guests naturally will gravitate to the bar setting, wherever it may be to have some nice conversation. If you have the bar in the same room, they can have that same conversation, but be a part of the atmosphere where the fun is. When the bar is in the other room, they are shut off from that atmosphere and fun. With the bar being in the other room, they can barely, if at all hear, the music, see where the fun is and it takes them out of the element. If you have the bar in the room, and they see the dance floor and everyone having a great time, they are more likely to join and be a part of the party.

So while the argument may be that a great DJ or Band will keep everyone in the room, that is completely 110% false.  It is hard for a DJ or Band to get that groove with the right group if they aren't around. Think about it.. if Journeys " Don't stop believing" came on at 11pm at night and you were waiting for that song all night and came back in the room after it was over, you would have missed everyone getting excited to the song. However on the other side, if you were in the room with everyone and they all got excited and ran to the dance floor and starting jamming, then  you are more likely to keep them on the dance floor, rather than only working with a small select group all night.

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